Monday, 20 November 2017

Brand Equity

  1.      The topic of the podcast is how storytelling can effect branding of a brand, how it can change the brand’s image and appeal for the consumers. 
  2.      Branding relates to marketing because it is based on the consumer image of the company, and what the consumer thinks or feels about the brand. 
  3.       Key points made in the podcast are that consumer storytelling can set a positive or negative reputation for a brand. Also true brand equity comes from storytelling from the customers. Chris says to create communications that trigger memories that a shopper already has about the brand and also that allows them to create new memories.
  4.       Chris uses the example of NYDJ which is a brand of jeans, he read about how great there jeans were so he did his research on them and then went to the store to try on a pair and he liked them enough that he spent $100 on the jeans.
  5.       What I learned from the podcast was that what happens outside a store has a lot to do with how a store or brand does. The reputation customers set for a brand matter a lot more then i thought. The experiences customers have with a brand is what makes the brand more successful or not. Story telling is a big part of brand equity and it always will be because customers will always talk about there experience with a brand.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Basketball is a great sport and has many fans. There are always thousands of people that tune in to watch basketball games at home or go to the game. The high level basketball is so fun to watch, I love watching basketball.The fans always get so hyped and into the game and it just makes so much more fun to watch the game. Watching the crazy plays the players do. Also when games come down to the last play, where the game is all tied up and its the last possession of the game. The crowd is watching to see which team will prevail or will this game go into overtime, to possibly to repeat this scenario all over again.Playing basketball is really fun because it reminds who is playing of the great players that are in the NBA today. When playing basketball it always reminds me of the great players and a lot of people try to replicate what the professionals do. Watching the professionals play fuels a lot of the young ballers to strive for greatness. Watching the great plays that the professionals do is so exhilarating and so enjoyable.

 It is so interesting to see how the NBA players compete against each other and see the rivalries. In my opinion watching and playing basketball are the most fun things somebody can do. Playing basketball is really fun because it reminds who is playing of the great players that are in the NBA today. Sitting court side to a basketball must be a really amazing feeling. You can hear everything that the players say, and you are up close to all the action and amazing plays. Also when sitting so close you really get to see how crazy tall NBA players really are. The NBA becomes apart of you, it becomes super important and is a big part of your life and you always wanna be updated on the latest things happening in the NBA. There is many things that happen in the NBA that may confuse you or make you think how did they do that. There is sometimes drama in the NBA which is really interesting to read about. Basketball has really taken off in Canada and has become a really popular sport. Canada has had two first overall picks in the past three years. Basketball is an amazing sport.